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Guest Writer - Andre Arbelaez President & CEO Hispanic C-Suite Corporate Council

Andre Arbelaez

President & CEO

Hispanic C-Suite Corporate Council




Excel, Elevate, Develop, and Celebrate!

As the year ends, it is important to reflect on where we are today as a community and where we can grow, but most importantly, how can we make it happen. As a president of HC3, the Hispanic C-Suite Corporate Council, I saw an opportunity to promote, engage and develop leaders from public and private companies, and saw the model work successfully in the African-American community. We said it was our time to rise. Our focus on having incredible leaders being seen collectively creates inspiration for the next generation to be it. 2019 comes to all with great goals, incredible support from our leaders, and opportunities to our outstanding Hispanic professionals to be a part of the future.

After serving 10 years on the Board of Directors for the HITEC, (Hispanic IT Executive Council), and elected to Presidency for 6 and half years, I was able to understand that the responsibility went beyond the career role. The importance was mostly on who we are as role models in our community, professionally and personally, as I witnessed CEO’s of companies like Cisco, AT&T, HP, Facebook, Hershey’s, Coca-Cola and many more serve their lives with purpose. Many of those executives urged me to leverage my national network and take it to the next level. I am proud that we launched HC3 (Hispanic C-Suite Corporate Council) in November and have engaged with numerous C-Level executives of both Public and Privately held companies, as well as corporations looking to develop their own executives.

As we enter 2019 and our first full year of existence, HC3 will focus on the elevation of C-Suite Level Executives to serve at the highest levels in Corporate America as we currently have 14 Hispanics with the CEO title in the Fortune 500 and only 120 of the Fortune 500 companies have at least one Latino executive in their C-Suite. Our mission is to increase numbers and create a platform where Hispanic business leaders are acknowledged and are a reflection of our Hispanic growth and potential.

Among our achievements this past year, we also developed a comprehensive 10-month HC3 Corporate Executive Development (CED) Program that is a targeted program to engage, support, and further develop current corporate executives at different stages in their career lifecycles. The program focuses on attracting multi-generational leaders and enhancing their professional growth through leadership, research, coaching, and mentorship.

We see a major element of success with the advocacy of the Hispanics in Corporate America. The Hispanic value systems includes a strong family, cultural values, loyalty, hard work, and the passion for our country, while also having the duality of loving our native heritage.

All of the efforts won’t matter unless we carefully monitor and track all the metrics, making sure we are represented and are a part of the decision makers. The Hispanic community cannot be shy about this, as we have been in the past, which must include the celebration of the accomplishments for all to see, especially our youth, so they know when they see it, they can be it.

For more information visit our website at www.hc3global.com and our Facebook/LinkedIn Pages. Make 2019 count!