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Guest Writer - Leonardo Feldman from El Mundo Al Segundo

Guest Writer Leonardo Feldman

Host/Founder at El Mundo Al Segundo

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The Power of Content in Media

Traditional media as a platform to inform the news has truly evolved in the past decade. Print, Radio, and Television have ensured to include digital media to keep up with the media evolution and its necessity for immediate connectivity.

The digital revolution is not the future anymore, it’s without a doubt the present.

Media outlets, which include traditional and digital, are now as careful as ever to not fall into the “fake news” category. Therefore, fact checking is critical to avoid a brand crisis. Advertisers are meticulous when selecting a media platform to promote their brand given that they must first verify that the media outlet is perceived as truthful and authentic. As a journalist with vast experience and current owner of a media outlet I truly understand the value of content, the responsibility I have to my audience, and the importance of managing a brand that is 100% unbiased and factual.

Traditional media platforms are all going digital. Why is that? Well, a recent study by Pew Research revealed that 68% of Americans get at least part of their news through social media. The main reason for that is convenience, according to another study by them. Digital content is rapidly dictating the way news content is reported and how brands are choosing to position themselves.

There has been a rapid increase regarding Hispanics in the United States getting their news online since 74% of them used social media as a form to get their news in 2016 compared to 37% in 2006. In comparison, Television totaled 79% as a news platform of the group’s population in 2016 versus 92% in 2006, according to Pew.

Interacting with stories is something that can only happen through a digital platform. Furthermore, instant data is provided through reactions that can decipher how interested the audience is in the specific story, particularly in Facebook Lives.

There is an array of topics that may resonate more with audiences, however, the main job of a news outlet is staying truly unbiased, factual, and committed to informing the audience.

As the current founder of “El Mundo Al Segundo”, the Spanish Breaking News digital channel, it is important to provide content that is of interest to the audience, however keeping in mind that informing the current news, no matter the topic, should be forefront to stay true to the journalistic ethics and the media company’s mission. Our data reveals that weather and security related stories tend to have the most reactions and interest within the Latin American community.

Outlets that report strictly verified information should be the sole media companies advertisers and brands should align with.

The future may be Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality or something we haven’t seen yet, however keeping up with the evolution of media platforms and its critical need for interactions should be essential for anybody in the industry.

About Leonardo Feldman

Leonardo Feldman is an EMMY Award Winning Journalist that has worked for various prestigious TV networks. Before launching his successful and innovative digital news channel, “El Mundo Al Segundo”, which now has almost 200,000 followers, he worked 3 years as an on air Multimedia Journalist for Telemundo Washington DC, previously as a Multimedia Journalist for Telemundo New Mexico for almost a year. He graduated Cum Laude from the prestigious public communications school Newhouse at Syracuse University.

Interested in advertising with El Mundo Al Segundo? Contact Leonardo at leonardofeldman@gmail.com