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Hispanics in the Digital Space: Social Media

There is no question that brands have to reach out to the Hispanic market to grow their brands. Advertising to Hispanics is very important but what about connecting with them via social media? The U.S. Hispanic population is very young, 52% is under the age of 30, making digital platforms the new way of reaching out to young adults 18 to 35, or what we call the Hispanic millennials. Today you can reach 89% of Hispanics just on social media, making it a vital and necessary medium to connect with this market.

How do we determine the best platform to reach Hispanics in social media?

Hispanics are more active in Facebook, as shown in Figure 1 below, with an outstanding 85% reach. Instagram is the second most active platform that Hispanics will use with a 59% reach, followed by Twitter and Snapchat at a 49% reach. It is important to note that each platform has a different purpose. You need what we call a Digital Strategy to successfully connect with Hispanics through different platforms.

How important is language when reaching Hispanics in Social Media?

It is key to ensure the Hispanic market understands your message. Bilingual Hispanic online users account for 43%, making bilingual content a MUST on the digital sphere, see Figure 2. It is also very important that digital video producers and digital creative teams ensure that the cultural aspects of the audience are considered when targeting and creating content.

Your Post Must:

  1. Get your audience’s attention

  2. Have content that aligns with their behavior

  3. Showcase visuals that are culturally appropriate

  4. Ensure designs are simple and attractive

When using social media, less is more and visuals tend to play a key role. Cisco projects that global internet traffic from videos will make up 80% of all internet traffic by 2019. Having bilingual and subtitled videos that can reach both markets will be vital to get your message to the Hispanic market. Ensuring hashtags that are catchy and easy for a bilingual audience will be key when reaching to our Hispanics in the U.S. market.