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ROIG Communications, LLC (RC) is a full-service, cross-cultural advertising and strategic communications agency. We drive cultural engagement by developing and executing breakthrough advertising and multicultural marketing programs, most specifically for the general and Latino markets in the United States.  

Diversity is our specialty. We target and engage diverse ethnic and cultural audiences to meet and exceed our client’s business goals. Our philosophy encompasses a larger view of strategic communications beyond just language. Our staff has deep cultural understanding of the multicultural Latino, Asian, and Ethiopian communities, to name a few, as well as strong ties with the local communities.


 RC provides a powerful toolkit for companies entering into new markets, aiming for connecting and building stronger relationships with market constituents, or facing headwinds in markets with existing operations. Optimal positioning of our clients and their products and services in multi-cultural markets requires a tailored communications strategy. Our solutions enable market penetration, establishing a bridge with the community, and top-line growth.

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Mariana and Geraldine Barrientos Roig

The close-knit sisters, Mariana and Geraldine Barrientos had never envisioned that their professional paths would cross. They both came from different professional backgrounds with widely different interests, but their passion to serve the community brought them together in 2014 when they co-founded ROIG Communications, LLC., a cross-cultural advertising and strategic communications agency located in Washington, DC.

The sisters were born and raised in Santa Cruz, Bolivia and relocated to Washington, DC as teenagers. Mariana graduated from University of Maryland with a degree in Communications and later obtained her Master’s degree from Georgetown University in Communications and Public Relations. Geraldine, also a University of Maryland undergraduate alum with a Bachelor’s in Sociology, obtained her Master’s degree in International Affairs. 

Mariana started her career in marketing and strategic planning, but her passion for communications and public relations sparked when she joined the Mayor’s Office on Latino Affairs in early 2000s. She witnessed firsthand the struggles faced by the local Hispanic community disenfranchised by social and economic barriers. For over 15 years, Mariana has worked in the private and the public sector, leading and transforming the ways companies approach their communications strategies entering and operating in multicultural markets.

Geraldine’s positive impact in the Latino community began when she joined the DC Public Schools as a community engagement professional early in her career. Driven by social empowerment, she focused on engaging the local Hispanic community in early childhood education. Working in the community leading grass-roots efforts on the ground, Geraldine had found her passion. 

In 2014, the sisters joined forces to make a greater impact, doing good for the community while doing well for their business. At the sweet-spot where sustainable business results intersected positive social impact, they formed ROIG Communications. Soon, companies like SAP and SAVERS seeked ROIG Communications for their market research and consultative services in community outreach projects locally and globally. They have recently developed a specialized advertising department focused on Media Planning, Public Relations, and Multicultural Digital Communications, forming a full-service, cross-cultural advertising and strategic communications agency that helps businesses increase market share in Hispanic markets.